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News Articles
Zumbrota News Record Articles:

Scouting Events 2009 - 2010
January 2010 Pinewood Derby Results:
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Tiger Dylan B. Luke N. Ryan R
Wolf Colby K. Eddie T. Connor B.
Bear James D. Noah K. David B.
Webelos I Hunter S. Keagan B. Ryan C.
Webelos II Ben P. Brandon D. Coltin S.
Leaders Jim D Chris C Jewel P
Wolf/Bear Semi-Final James D. Colby K. Noah K.
Webelos Semi-Final Hunter S. Keagan B. Brandon D.
Pack Finals James D. Hunter S. Colby K.
Creative Design David B
Best Construction Daniel K

Support Our Troops Donation Suggestions - Eight packages from Pack 69 were mailed on 12/02/2008 to 4 units - biggrin (Dustin Barry in Iraq (Faribault), SGT Kurt J. Olson in Iraq (, Scott Larson - Afghanistan (, and Mike Lotzer.

12/21/2009 - Received Christmas card from SPC Larson thanking everyone for the packages! Bagram, Afghanistan

Scouting Events Summer 2009
Family Camp at Oxbow Park - August

Overnight Camp at Gamehaven - July

Day Camp at Gamehaven - June

Scouting Events 2008 - 2009

Graduation - April

New Scouts
for 2008


Day Parade

May Hike


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