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Troop 69 serves Pine Island, MN.

Our Scoutmaster is Peter Sanders.

We are a member of Wakpaota District in Gamehaven Council, and are chartered by the Lions Club of Pine Island.


We normally meet on Monday nights at 7PM, except for the second Monday of the month which is the PLC and Committee Meeting.

During the school year we meet at Pine Island School.
If school is out, then the Troop does not meet.

During the summer we meet at Collins Park.

PLC - Patrol Leader's Council - This meeting is led by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) attended by the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) and one Patrol Leader from each patrol. They discuss and plan the meetings for the next two months.

Troop Committee Meeting - This usually follows the PLC and is where the Troop leaders, committee members, and parents meet to discuss the events and other troop business. Any boys that have completed their requirements for rank advancement attend this meeting to have their board of review.

Upcoming Events 2016

January 18: 7:00pm Scout Meeting School Rank Advancement. BRING BOOKS.
January 24: (SUNDAY) Sledding 1:00 Meet at Colins
Januray 25: 7:00pm Scout meeting at school. Plan for Winter Camp (New Gadget ideas). Climbing
January 29-31: Winter Camp. At Gamehaven.
February 1: No School = No Scouts.
February 8: 7:00pm PLC Methodist Church.
February 15: No school = No Scouts. Climbing. Adults Needed.
February 21: 4-6 PM Blue and gold.
February 22: 7:00pm Scout Meeting.
February 29 7:00pm Scout Meeting.
March 7: 7:00pm Scout Meeting.
March 14: PLC.


Camp Decorah - Summer Camp 2014 (July 8-14)

Phillippo Scout Camp - Winter Camporee Jan 2013 (Cannon Falls)

Tomahawk Scout Camp - Summer Camp 2012 (June 23-30)

Philmont Scout Ranch - 2014 (June 17-July 2)
July 9-21, 2012 + travel time:
  • Total: $740 + travel (scholarships available)
  • 2nd deposit of $320 was due September 25th
  • 3rd deposit of $320 due January 31, 2012
  • final transportation fee ($300-$400??) due by end of May
  • Keep getting in shape for the trek (September: 20 push ups per day)

Florida Sea Base - High Adventure 2014 (July 7-14)

Lazy-D Campground - Fall Camporee 2013

Shades of Sherwood - Spring Camporee 2012, 2013

Many Point Scout Camp - Summer Camp 2011 (July 16-23)

Ripley Rendezvous - 2015 - facebook

Gamehaven Scout Reservation - Spring 2014, Winter 2014

Previous Events

2013 Gamehaven Merit Badge Fair - Registration

2009 Pumpkin Chunking News

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