Committee Meeting on Monday, January 10th, 2011


Treasurer's Report
As of 12/13/2010:
Savings Account
Gamehaven Unit Account
Total Assets
Scout Credits
Den Credits
Pack Equity
Total Liabilities and Equity

Major Transactions:

Checkbook Authorizations: Eric, Chris, April, Jim
Gamehaven Authorizations: All Leaders now signed up

Prior Event Feedback (5-10 minutes max)

Upcoming Events:


  • Youth Protection: Both Keigleys need to either do training, or assoc. their ID number with their account for record.
  • Confirm Membership and Boy's Life subscriptions: Chris needs to know who is dropping and why for report to turn in.

Pinewood Derby

  • Cafeteria is reserved
  • Food / DrinksMIke Hildenbrand - we will either get donations, save subbstantial money, or we will sell some of the refreshments to recoup money, NOT PROFIT.
  • Movie - CARS 6:30 start
  • Allow single test run on track? NO.
  • Rules: Jim Douglas
  • Race Procedure / Board - Dean Kneeland
  • Awards / Trophies - Ribbons for Tigers and segments - April B. Trophies - Mike H (Dawn Haller, Images on Metal 507-273-1025
  • Schedule:
Friday, Jan 21 6:00PM - 8:00PM:
  • Setup Track - Mike H., Scott, Chris, Mike Bailey
  • Weigh in cars (starting at 6:00PM)
  • Assist scouts with weights - Jim Douglas to run the adjustment table
  • Movie staring at 6:30PM ("Cars")
  • 8:30 - GO HOME!
Saturday Jan 22, 9:00AM - 12:00PM:
  1. . Judging for Creative Design / Best Construction awards will be done from 8:30AM - 9:00AM
  2. . Picture of Scouts/Track for paper - Dan W. and April will bring cameras, recruit someone on sight to take pics
  3. . Flag Ceremony / Announcements
  4. . Rank Advancement Awards
  5. . Tigers Race (8 lanes)
  6. . Tiger Ribbons
  7. . Design / Construction Awards
  8. . Wolf Race (placement awards follow each race - Blue 1st, Red 2nd, White 3rd)
  9. . Bear Race
  10. . Webelos I Race
  11. . Webelos II Race
  12. . Leader Race
  13. . Final Race (Top 3 cars for each den: Wolf thru Webelos II)

Polar Camp)

  • Sat 1/29/11 at Gamehaven (Hildenbrand, Barsness, Weber to go to Phillipo in Cannon Falls on Sunday 2/20/11 - contact Hildenbrand for info.
  • Confirm Credits (after rechartering) - Chris will contact those that do not have enough credits to pay for camp, fees will need to paid @ PWD
  • Ealy bird registration over - can still register for $5 more.

Blue & Gold

Sunday, Feb 27th (previous times 4PM setup, 5PM dinner)
  • Ceremony by Allen Rench
  • Party Budget - Main Dish to be supplied by pack, and prepared by Weblos I parents - sides to be potluck
  • Food / Drinks
  • Slideshow

New Business
  • Adult Leaders
    • Everyone must take Youth Protection this year (good for 2 years)
      • Who's done this? Put into Scout Manage.
    • Leader Awards
    • 100th Anniversary Awards
    • Attendance requirements for camp discounts
    • arrow Chris to write up proposal and present in Nov
    • Position Specific Training: Sat, Dec 18th 8:30-Noon
  • Scout Retention
    • Hold credits for 1 year?
    • Deduct from credits (or collect) registration fee if they rejoin
    • arrow Credits may be absorbed at re-chartering, but it scout returns within one year, the credits can be re-enstated. Scout needs to pay new registration fee to re-join.

    • Uniform scholarships (return when drop out? or if < 1 year or ???) - need to establish policy
    • arrow Mike to write up a basic application describing the terms (return uniform if < 1 year, participate in fundraising efforts)
  • Scouting for Food
    • arrow Gamehaven is migrating from November to March. Still having collection this November (we only participate in March)

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