Committee Meeting on Monday, Feb 13, 2012

Attendance: Nick Goranson, Dan Weber, Eric Barsness, Megan Allan, April Bailey, Mike Hildenbrand, Rachel Lange

Started: 6:30PM, Closed: 7:57PM

Treasurer's Report

Treasurers Report - Leaders Only

  • Eric to meet with Megan in January to begin Treasurer transfer
  • ScoutManage? credits have been updated (polar camp and registration fees)
    • No Polar Camp money received yet
    • Some accounts are negative, will need to be addressed.
    • Eric/Megan will need missing Gamehaven receipts to balance that account
  • Define new checkbook signers and approve

  • motion made (Weber) to add Megan Allen as checkbook signer - 2nd Barsness, Motion carries unanimous
  • motion made (Weber) to approve complete list of signers as: Nick Goranson, Megan Allen, April Bailey, and Chris Cain - 2nd Hildenbrand - motion carries unanimously.
  • motion made (Hildenbrand) to move Jacob Weber scout credits to Pack 69 general fund, and move Webelos II scout credits to Boy Scout troop - 2nd Goranson, Motion Carries.
  • motion made (Weber) to absorb credits of scouts that have left pack into Pack 69 general fund - 2nd Allen, motion carries
  • motion made (Weber) to approve treasurers report, Hildenbrand 2nd, Approved

FAQ about credits and other general knowledge for new leaders - Current Officers

Old Business

  • Bounced Check Status: 2 months of payments received
  • Twins Shirts - remaining: 2 adult, xx kids
    • none sold at derby... maybe give as prizes?
  • Missing 4 Binders for Webelos II/Arrow Of Light? - Get copies made from somewhere?
  • Pinewood Derby
    • discussion about cars racing with scouts not in attendance and placing. Creates some bad feelings for scouts who made sacrifices to be there and missed placing to car with no scout. Input only, to be addressed again.
    • Also discussed going forward scouts should have their class A on to be allowed to race.
  • Scout Sunday - Feb 5
    • Well attended

New Business

      • Nick to email Pack about new leadership positons in pack.
  • Display Cabinet clean/update - Febuary: Webelos I

  • Recharter

Tigers Skit or Song
Wolves as needed
Bears as needed
Webelos I Flags
Webelos II In Charge / Setup / Cleanup

    • Webelos II in charge of planning banquet/Arrow of Light
    • Ceremony - All deatils lined up and ready to go
    • 4:00 setup, 5:00 eat
    • Preliminary food plan: Pasta bar, salad, bread and use real plates. Will need help with dishes!
    • NO Friends of Scouting - Moved to March
    • WIIs are working on Slideshow
    • 1/13 Update: Dan confirmed w/Allen
      • 5 PM opening flag and announcements
      • 5:10 Arrow of Light (~35 minutes enough time ?)
      • 5:45 Pack awards
      • 6:00 - 7:00 Dinner prayer, dinner and social time
      • Clean-up detail - Tigers wipe tables, Wolves clear tables, Bears rearrange tables, Weblos I - dishes and help WII as needed)

  • NOTE: Only 3 more scheduled den meetings: (Mar 5, Apr 2, 16)

  • March Pack Meeting - Monday, Mar 19
Tigers In Charge/Set-up
Wolves Flags & Treats
Bears Cleanup
Webelos I Skit or Song

  • April Graduation Pack Meeting - Graduation - Monday, Apr 23
Tigers Flags
Wolves Skit or Song
Bears Treats
Webelos I In Charge / Setup / Cleanup

    • Den should attempt to get all their scouts completing rank requirements (rank badge not required, but strongly encouraged)

  • May Regatta - May 20?
    • Oronoco Park

  • Summer Schedule

  • Leader Awards

  • Staffing
    • Trailer Location is now at Chris'
    • Need to start training in replacements (Treasurer - Megan, Award Coordinator - Ryan's wife?/others?, Cubmaster - Nick)
    • Training still not scheduled. Usually also have training in March
    • ScoutManage? renewed for another year $45

Future Pack Activities

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