Committee Meeting on Monday, Mar 12, 2012

Attendance: Rachel, Nick, Megan, Chris, April, Dan

Started: 6:10PM, Closed: 7:15PM

Treasurer's Report

Treasurers Report - Leaders Only

  • Mike H will be updating February minutes so we can forward to bank for new signers.
  • Eric met with Megan last week and transferred data and checkbook to our new treasurer, Megan.
  • Jim received 2 additional payments which resolves the bounced check. $494
  • Chris gave Megan check for 3 new scouts (registration + boys life) $81
  • Dan dropped off B&G receipts ($366.86 - unused food $85.25 = $282.61) (Megan)
  • April to forward Budget sheet from Gamehaven to Megan
  • Nick to email Collin's parents about $4.51 balance due
  • Nick to turn in 3 new apps and pay registration from unit account
  • April to contact Cole's parents about $28.47 balance due
  • Megan is working to resolve the Tiger's balances

  • April made motion to approve treasurers report, Nick 2nd, Approved

FAQ about credits and other general knowledge for new leaders - Current Officers

Old Business

  • Bounced Check Status: final payments received!
  • Blue and Gold Banquet - Feb 26
    • Arrow Of Light
    • Food / Cost Summary
      • lots of positive feedback
      • Dan dropped off list of food purchased and amounts of leftovers for future reference (Megan)
  • Scouting For Food
    • Low turnout (8 PI scouts, 4 Oronoco scouts)
    • May need to offer incentives for better turnout at community service events. Pizza party for those who participated, or discount based on hours served)
    • Remind people to NOT put fliers in mail boxes
  • Twins Shirts - remaining: 2 adult, xx kids
    • give as prizes?
  • Popcorn Sales Discussion
    • other suggestions / recommendations
    • graduated credits? (5% for < $200, 10% for $200-$500, 15% for over $500 or some other limits)
    • minimum sales level to earn prizes?
    • Rachel's den earned top den sales, so she will be planning their event ($10/scout)

New Business

  • Display Cabinet clean/update - March/April: Bears

  • Spring Popcorn Sales
    • New Company
    • Commission back to scout account

  • Recharter
    • Chris to email pack about New Cubmaster, Treasurer and request volunteers for Asst. Cubmaster, Awards Coordinator, Popcorn Committee help, other?

  • NOTE: Only 2 more scheduled den meetings: (Apr 2, 16)

  • Lock-In - rumor has it that it won't happen this year...

  • March Pack Meeting - Monday, Mar 19
Tigers In Charge/Set-up
Wolves Flags & Treats
Bears Cleanup
Webelos I Skit or Song

    • Nick has some games planned
    • April to email pack about getting award requirements in ScoutManage before Tueseday

  • Community Service: Planting flowers around Oronoco will take place around the end of May. Anyone interested in planting should call Oronoco City Hall at 367-4405 and leave their contact information. One of the current committee members will contact you.

  • April Graduation Pack Meeting - Graduation - Monday, Apr 23
Tigers Flags
Wolves Skit or Song
Bears Treats
Webelos I In Charge / Setup / Cleanup

    • Den should attempt to get all their scouts completing rank requirements (rank badge not required, but strongly encouraged)

  • May Regatta - May 20?
    • Oronoco Park
    • April to reserve Oronoco park for May 20th

  • Summer Camp
  • Need to pick Pack camp dates (Scout Cost / Adult Cost)
    • Mom and Me Camp ($45/$25): Wed July 11
    • Day Camp ($45/$25): TBD - Sat June 23, Wed June 27, Sun July 8, Tue July 31
    • Overnight Camp ($95/$50): TBD - Thur June 28-29, Wed July 11-12 (Megan), Sat July 21-22 (Chris)
    • Webelos Day Camp ($45/$25): TBD - Sun June 24, Tue July 10
    • Webelos Overnight Camp ($145/$90): TBD - Fri July 13-15, Wed July 18-20, Tue July 24-26, Fri July 27-29
    • 2 free adults with 10 scouts attending

  • Summer Schedule

  • Leader Awards
    • Remember leaders earn awards also! Be sure to check requirements for leader knots.

  • Church Usage Reminders
    • Turn off heat
    • Lock all doors
    • Check bathrooms (clean and no running water)
    • Turn off all lights

  • Staffing
    • Trailer Location is now at Chris'
    • Need to start training in replacements (Award Coordinator - Ryan's wife?/Rachel?)
    • Training still not scheduled. Usually also have training in March
    • Scott has taken a new job and will probably be moving, so he has decided to drop out of scouts.

Future Pack Activities

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