Committee Meeting on Monday, Apr 9, 2012

Attendance: Rachel, Ryan, Megan, Chris, April, Nick

Started: 6:12PM, Closed: 8:00PM

Treasurer's Report

Treasurers Report - Leaders Only

  • Signatures completed at bank? (Megan, Chris, Nick, April)
    • Nick and April need to sign
  • DONE - April to forward Budget sheet from Gamehaven to Megan
  • Nick to email Collin's parents about $4.51 balance due
  • Nick to turn in 3 new apps and pay registration from unit account
  • DONE/PAID - April to contact Cole's parents about $28.47 balance due
  • DONE - Megan is working to resolve the Tiger's balances

  • Megan to transfer $40 to Den 5 (for Den Popcorn Sales Prize - $10/scout party)
  • Absorbing Jacob W, Joey N (not joining Boy Scouts)
  • April made motion to approve treasurers report, Rachel 2nd, Approved

FAQ about credits and other general knowledge for new leaders - Current Officers

Old Business

  • March Pack Meeting, March 19
    • great - except exploding potato
  • District Pinewood Derby, March 25
    • Several attended
  • Archive WII scouts in ScoutManage?
    • DONE - Chris to archive old scouts/leaders

New Business

  • Display Cabinet clean/update - April: Bears
    • Chris to bring key for Rachel's den meeting

  • Spring Popcorn Sales
    • New Company
    • Commission back to scout account
    • April made motion to put 20% of spring popcorn sales into scouts account. Megan 2nd. Approved
    • DONE - Nick to email pack about popcorn deadline

  • Recharter
    • Chris to email pack about New Cubmaster, Treasurer and request volunteers for Asst. Cubmaster, Awards Coordinator, Popcorn Committee help, other?

  • NOTE: Only 1 more scheduled den meeting: Apr 16

  • Lock-In - rumor has it that it won't happen this year...

  • Community Service: Planting flowers around Oronoco will take place around the end of May. Anyone interested in planting should call Oronoco City Hall at 367-4405 and leave their contact information. One of the current committee members will contact you.

  • April Graduation Pack Meeting - Graduation - Monday, Apr 23
Tigers Flags
Wolves Skit or Song
Bears Treats
Webelos I In Charge / Setup / Cleanup

    • Den leaders collect fees at den meeting BEFORE pack meeting
    • Den should attempt to get all their scouts completing rank requirements (rank badge not required, but strongly encouraged)
    • Grad Awards/Books/Neckers to April by Tuesday, April 17th
      • Wolf Necker: $6, Slide: $4, Book: $9
      • Bear Necker: $6, Slide: $4, Book: $9
      • Webelos Necker: $10, Slide: $4, Book: $9
      • Perfect Attendance (can miss 1 den and 1 pack meeting), Years of Scouting, Rank advancements, any other awards
    • Friends of Scouting - Tom will be coming
    • Camp Signup - Chris and Megan
    • Regatta Boat/Rules Distribution? - 2011: standard $4, trimaran $5
    • April to order Trimaran boats for 28 scouts and medals
    • April to distribute rules in email
    • To save cost, pack to request only take boat if you will be able to attend regatta. Can purchase for $5 otherwise
    • Slideshow - Ryan to collect pics for slideshow
    • Chris to check on projector from church

  • Spring Camporee - Free for Webelos on Saturday, May 5th - Shades of Sherwood in Zumbrota
    • Rachel planning on attending

  • Leaders bring Den Binders to next Leader Meeting (May 14) to exchange with next den
  • Nick to turn in new sheet with Gamehaven signers
  • Chris ordered 7 vests (Declan, Brandon, Matthew, Jonah, Jacob, Myles, Randy) from Nancy McKay?. Check was sent for first 7 vests. 3 additional vests ordered (Dylan, Braden, Evan)
  • Chris to send Ryans email to Gamehaven

  • May Regatta - May 20
    • Oronoco Park
      • April to check on reserving park, but decided we can just wing it...
      • Megan to work out double elimination brackets
      • Chris can bring 2 sawhorses, need 2 more...

  • Summer Camp
Pack selected days are in bold (Scout Cost / Adult Cost)
    • Mom and Me Camp ($45/$25): Sat July 7
    • Day Camp ($45/$25): Sat June 23, Wed June 27, Sun July 8, Tue July 31
    • Overnight Camp ($95/$50): - Thur June 28-29, Wed July 11-12 (Megan), Sat July 21-22 (Chris)
    • Webelos Day Camp ($45/$25): - Sun June 24, Tue July 10
    • Webelos Overnight Camp at Gamehaven ($145/$90): - Fri July 13-15, Wed July 18-20, Tue July 24-26, Fri July 27-29
    • 2 free adults with 10 scouts attending - EXPIRED

  • Summer Events
    • Need coordinator(s) for each event
    • Need at least 2 events per month (for Summertime Award - June / July / August)
Event Date Coordinator Comments
Memorial Parades Mon, May 28 April Meet 10:15 at library, parade at 10:30.
Pink Ribbon Walk/Run? Sat, June 9 Rachel investigate, and coordinate.
Cheesefest Parades Sun, June 10 Rachel flatbed trailer? Tent, campfire
Pool Party Nick need to wait till pool opens, camp swim tests same day
Scout Baseball Megan Twins games, Honkers games
Summer Camp - Mom Sat, July 7 Tasha
Summer Camp - Day Nick
Summer Camp - Overnight Wed, July 11 Megan
Summer Camp - Overnight Sat, July 21 Chris
Summer Camp - Webelos April
Goldrush Cleanup Sun, Aug 19? Ryan Meet at Oronoco Community Center just before 5PM?
Family Camp Nick
Fall Sports Kickoff Mon, Aug 29 Chris
Hiking Coordinator Biking, hiking, geocaching
Movie Night?
Other Events?
Community Service? Oronoco?

  • Leader Awards
    • Remember leaders earn awards also! Be sure to check requirements for leader knots.

  • Church Usage Reminders
    • Turn off heat
    • Lock all doors
    • Check bathrooms (clean and no running water)
    • Turn off all lights

  • Staffing
    • Trailer Location is now at Chris'
    • Need to start training in replacements (Award Coordinator - Ryan's wife?/Rachel?)
    • Training not scheduled yet...
    • Outdoor Leader Skills - May 4-6 - (Webelos Leaders)
    • District Roundtable - Thursday, April 12th 7PM at Lands Lutheran Church in Zumbrota
    • District Roundtable - Thursday, May 3rd 7PM at Lands Lutheran Church in Zumbrota

Future Pack Activities

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