Committee Meeting on Monday, May 9th, 2011

Attendance: Chris, Nick, Eric B, April, Jim, Rachel

Treasurer's Report

  • Bank recommended we remove Treasurer Report from public web page

New Business

  • Graduated Webelos II scouts - credits transfer, advancement records
  • Positions we need to fill:
    • Fall Popcorn Kernel - Thanks to Mike H. for taking this role for 2011. (new company next year (chocolate items as well))
    • Treasurer
    • Committee Chair + Members
  • Pack 69 Scholarship Application
  • April to contact Allan Rench on cost of arrows

Summer Camp - Scouting Encounters (space)

Camp Days/Nights Cost/Scout Cost/Adult Comments Dates
Day 1 / 0 $35 $15 6/28, 6/30, 7/20, 8/2
Aquatics 1 / 0 $35 $15 swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing 6/22, 7/27
Webelos Day 1 / 0 $35 $15 2 Webelos pins
Aquanaut, Scientist, Traveler, Outdoorsman, Scholar, Showman
6/28, 7/26
Cub Overnight 2 / 1 $80 $40 7/9-10, 7/16-17
Webelos Overnight 4 / 3 $ 130 $80 4 Webelos pins
Aquanaut, Citizen, Outdoorsman, Readyman, Forester, Geography
6/23-26, 7/21-24, 7/28-31, 8/4-7

  • Shirts: $10/youth or $12-13/adult
  • Free Gamehaven Swim Checks, Wed, June 15th, 7PM until dark
  • 2010 Swim Checks were done on 7/27/2010 (good for 1 year)

  • Chris to turn in current Gamehaven registrations. Webelos to attend other camp north of Twin Cities

Current Rosters:

Cub Overnight Camp: July 16-17: Jacob C, Matthew C, Evan G, Randy (3 adults)
Day Camp: July 20: Evan G (1 adult)
Webelos Day: July 26: Jacob C, James D (2 adults)
Webelos Overnight Camp: July 28-31: Not enough interest to attend (only 1 adult)

May Regatta

  • Sunday, May 22 3-5PM (soccer final is Sat 21st)
  • Purchase boats by pack? (standard $4, trimaran $5?) - 34 scouts
    • Pack purchased 20 boats for scouts. Distributed at pack meeting if scouts will attend regatta. If unable to attend, they can return unopened kits, otherwise scout account will be charged $5. Mike has remaining boats
  • Food
    • hot dogs, buns - purchased by pack - Nick will handle (dogs/braats - a case of each)
    • 2nd & 4th graders will bring snacks: chips / veggie / fruit to share
    • 1st & 3rd graders will bring desert to share
    • drinks
  • Dan bring dry wood (Scott said should be some in shed near park entrance)
  • April purchased 3 medals (Blue/Red/White) for each of 4 dens
  • Nick provide hot dogs / braats (case of each - extra for family camp, etc...), coolest boat prize - Chips Ahoy cookies
  • Mike provide buns, condiments, extra 5 gal thermos (church basement)
  • Scott will confirm contents of trailer and contact Mike if needs to purchase: plates, napkins, cups, flatware, drinks
  • Jim - bring hose, provide regratta procedure (already provided rules)
  • Chris bring flags, 2 sawhorses, (garbage bags in trailer)
  • Eric bring 2 sawhorses, regatta check-in and voting box

Summer Events

  • Need coordinators for each event...
Event Date Coordinator Comments
Memorial Parades Mon, May 30 Chris Meet 10:15 at library, parade at 10:30.
Pink Ribbon Walk/Run? Sat, June 11 Mike investigate, and coordinate.
Cheesefest Parades Sun, June 12 Webelos flatbed trailer? Tent, campfire
Pool Party July ? Jim need to wait till pool opens, camp swim tests same day
Scout Baseball June 18, Aug 27 Dan Twins games, Honkers games
Goldrush Cleanup Sun, Aug 21 Scott Meet at Oronoco Community Center just before 5PM?
Family Camp Fri, Aug 20, 4PM Dan Forestville State Park (Sumac Hill Group camp site)
Fall Sports Kickoff Mon, Aug 29 Dan
Hiking Coordinator Chris Biking, hiking, geocaching
Movie Night?
Other Events?
Community Service? Oronoco?


  • Turkey Ridge Encampment at Gamehaven: June 3-5 ($7-13/person)
    • Pioneers, traders settlers, & Native Americans bring history to life

Future Pack Activities

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