Committee Meeting on Monday, Oct 10th, 2011

Attendance: Chris, April, Rachel, Jim, Nick, Mike, Scott, Dan, Megan, Ryan

Treasurer's Report

  • Bank recommended we remove Treasurer Report from public web page

Jim made motion to approve treasurers report, April seconded - passed

Chris - Add details / FAQ about credits and other general knowledge for new leaders

Old Business

  • Bounced Check Collection Status
    • File# 25CR-11-1212: $644 to be collected, $37.50 check to Jim D twice a month starting in November (no direct deposit, to make change contact Amber "Court Collector" 651-267-4818)
  • Twins Tickets Status
    • Pack has already reimbursed Dan
    • Jil came to explain situation.
    • Pack will attempt to sell remaining shirts for $10 each to recoup the cost of unused tickets ($232 - $74 credits = $160 due)
  • Collect Final Summer Camp Payments (Dan, Mike, Nick, Jim)
    • All are aware of amount due and did/will settle account
  • Spring Popcorn Complete? Credits?
    • All settled
  • Recruitment - Sep 12
  • Bonfire Pack Meeting - Sep 19
    • Suggestion to start 30 minutes early - since it is always dark by end
  • Fall Camporee / Free Day Camp - Oct 1
    • Webelos: Jack showed up for fitness stations, Mitchell showed up for hike / Mystery Cave Tour
  • Trade up Den Planning Binders (note: all are also on the web @
    • Tigers - Megan & Jessica (each have 1 binder)
    • Wolf - Nick & Ryan (each have 1 binder)
    • Bear - Rachel (two binders)
    • Webelos I - Scott & April (missing 2 binders)
    • Webelos II/Arrow Of Light - Eric/Mike/Dan (missing 2 binders)
      • Dan will search for 4 Webelos binders

New Business

  • Halloween Party - Oct 24
    • Tigers - Cookies/Treats
    • Wolf - Skit/Song
    • Bear - Setup
    • Webelos I - Pledge + Game
    • Webelos II - Cleanup + Game
    • Rank advancements, 2 Games, Safety Talk, Snacks
      • Chris to split into 3 groups (2 games, 1 police chat/snack)
    • Police Visit / Safety (Mike)
    • Costume contest (prizes?)
      • Dan to get 3 big candy bars for 3 best costume awards, and another container of lemonaid

  • Church Cleanup - Oct 29 - 8-Noon

  • Popcorn (Tasha / Rachel)
    • Blitz Week Update / Status
      • Cade won highest blitz sale / fishing pole set: $1305!!
    • Show & Deliver status
    • Group sale at Island Market?
      • Rachel to email pack - Sat, Oct 15th 3-5PM at Island Market AND Sat, Oct 22 9AM-Noon at Pool (football game)
      • Chris to get banner from trailer
      • Nick to track Show & Deliver popcorn
    • Questions / Issues?
      • Provide info sheet with basic info (for new scouts), dates, and show & deliver info at kickoff
    • ORDERS - Monday, October 24th Pack Meeting
      • All orders must be entered Online
      • Prize(s) selections must be turned in at Pack Meeting - Den Leaders to discuss/enforce
        • Use prize selection sheets to hand out to all dens?
      • Show & Deliver MONEY DUE at Pack Meeting
    • DELIVERY - Thursday, November 10
      • Pick up Thursday, Nov 10th at Tom R's Garage (Last year: sort 5:30-6PM, distribution 6-7PM)
      • Jim D. to pick up popcorn on Thursday, Nov 10. Schedule pickup time with Gamehaven soon.
      • Chris will purchase pizzas, one cub from each den to help and adult leaders to help sort distribute
    • PRIZES - Monday, November 28th Pack Meeting
      • Prizes - Order for distribution at Nov 28th Pack Meeting

  • Bowling Party - Nov 12 at 1PM (Nick)
    • Scouts $2/game, Family $3/game, shoes $1/person (>= 25 people = free shoes)
      • Pack to pay for 1 game for scouts (and their shoe rental)
    • 5 Bowling pins donated for trophies
      • Jim to have his wife create pin decorations for 5 highest score game per den
    • Treats?
      • No treats provided

  • Pinewood Derby - Feb 3-4
    • NOTE: Date changed from calendar: Confirmed with school for Fri, Feb 3-4
    • Derby Car distribution w/rules to be den level
    • Pinewood Derby Rules - changes?
      • Jim to review rules and if any changes, email around pack.
      • Jim to purchased cars and print rules for each scout. These will be distributed to den leaders at November 14th Committee Meeting. Leaders will then distribute to the scouts.

  • Support Our Troops - Nov
    • Work with Legion? (Linda Zimmerman)
    • Donation from Gamehaven Council (up to $500) - publicity
    • Collect from scout families or city? (advertise, collect at legion, kids help collect/pack, help from boy scouts?)
      • Chris to coordinate - make it public event / advertize and encourage public particpation. Scouts to collect items at Legion on a specific day.
      • Suggestion to request $200 donation from Thrivent for postage (hands-on project for the kids)
    • Card from each den or scout
      • Den leaders to have kids provide cards per scout or den

  • Business Expo (Last year was Nov 20 - 11AM-3PM)
    • Skip this year
    • April still has candy to sell (Pack Meetings? Derby?)

  • November Pack Meeting - Nov 28
    • Tigers - Cleanup
    • Wolf - Setup
    • Bear - Flag and skit/song
    • Webelos I - Treats
    • Webelos II - Skit / Song
    • Last pack meeting of the year - Next pack event: Pinewood Derby
    • Polar Camp signup ($ collection)

  • Volunteer Opportunity
    • Pine Island Area Home Services (non-profit working to keep senior citizens in their home and out of the nursing home) could use a few volunteers from time to time. This could be anything from raking a yard or painting or visiting.
    • Let Rosemary Van Houten, director, know who to contact when she needs bodies. Her email address is
      • Den's looking for community service should contact Rosemary with availability

  • Staffing
    • Need to start training in replacements (Treasurer - Megan, Award Coordinator - TBD, Cubmaster - Nick)
    • Training at Rochester was postponed, hopefully within next month
    • Chris already added to Gamehaven email list
    • Chris to update new leaders as Gamehaven signer
    • Continue to use ScoutManage? Look at other sites?
      • Education session for new leaders - Investigate other sites
    • Parent survey

  • Scout Discounts
    • Monster Truck Show - Dec/Jan
    • Rodeo - Feb 3 (Pinewood Derby check-in day)

  • Clean Scout Cabinet
    • Cabinet Focus on one den each month?
    • Picture of den and projects they worked on?
      • Every den have one month where they are responsible for cleaning and updating contents of cabinet
      • Arrow of Light (Webelos II) den will handle for October (See Chris or church for key)

Future Pack Activities

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