Committee Meeting on Monday, Nov 14th, 2011

Attendance: April, Megan, Nick, Ryan, Rachel, Dan, Chris, Jim

Treasurer's Report

  • Bank recommended we remove Treasurer Report from public web page

Chris - Add details / FAQ about credits and other general knowledge for new leaders - Current Officers

Old Business

  • Bounced Check Status: Payments received yet? What process to deposit?
  • Twins Shirts - only 2 sold of XXX ($10/each)
  • Dan - Missing 4 Binders for Webelos II/Arrow Of Light?
  • Halloween Pack Meeting - Oct 24 - went very well, no negative comments
  • Church Cleanup - Oct 29
    • attendance in ScoutManaage? - yes - 13 scouts
  • Popcorn Pickup - Nov 10 - short 34 pieces / raided Rachel's popcorn, Nick to order replacemnets
    • Three Family size Papa Murpys
    • attendance in ScoutManage? segment?
  • Bowling Party - Nov 12
    • 16 scouts (15 others) - pack paid $32
    • Bowling started at 1:15 and ended about 2:15PM
  • Display Cabinet clean/update - November: Webelos II / Arrow of Light - completed 11/14
    • December/January: Webelos I

New Business

  • Popcorn (Tasha / Rachel)
    • Prizes ready for Nov 28th Pack Meeting? (use scout discount if possible)
      • Scout selected prizes
      • Gamehaven prizes
      • $10 top seller in each den
      • $100 top seller in pack
    • Group sale (credits to boys participating)
    • No prizes distributed until ALL money is turned in (Nov Pack meeting)
      • Need to have $ due for each scout/family
    • Credits added to accounts after money turned in
    • 2 scouts did NOT enter popcorn sales online
    • Cost for prizes $764.32 - Chris wrote check to Nick to cover prizes. Scout card can be used for discounts at some stores. Any items should be ordered through Gamehaven to prevent shipping costs

  • Support Our Troops - Nov
    • Work with Womens Auxillary
    • Donation from Gamehaven Council (up to $500) - publicity
    • Collect donations and cards from scout families (St. Paul's on Monday, Nov 21 6:30-7:30PM)
    • Only 2 Thrivent families so no postage break.
    • Help pack (in uniform) Nov 28 - Time TBD, Picture for papers
    • Linda Kelly is contact for Womens Auxillary
    • Lots of items were collected on 11/21-22 as well as $500 in popcorn from Gamehaven. 18 scouts participated and attendance updated in ScoutManage?. Items are currently at Chris'. Additional items and cards can be brought on Monday, Nov 28th Pack Meeting.
    • Chris collected popcorn money for: Tiger: Even F $10, Bear: Connor M $20, Webelos II: Mitchell A $505, Joey N $195

  • November Pack Meeting - Nov 28
    • Tigers - Cleanup
    • Wolf - Setup - Song
    • Bear - Flag - Rachel is slacker and unable to attend, but den will do flag with WIIs, but postpone skit/song
    • Webelos I - Treats
    • Webelos II - Help with flag
    • Last pack meeting of the year - Next pack event: Pinewood Derby
    • Polar Camp signup - early bird signup by Jan 6 (must pay (or credits) before Jan 6 for discount)
    • Awards / Rank Advancements (Bobcat's) due BY November 22 (If not received by NOON on 11/22, scout will not have awards for Pack Meeting)
      • NEW: All RANK ADVANCEMENTS must be submitted with Rank Advancement form stating which scouts earned the rank and on what date. The scout shop will NOT sell us rank badges without this form.
    • Dan to check on projector from Church for use at Pack Meetings

  • Rechartering
    • Chris received recharter packet and will get roster data to den's to confirm addresses

  • Polar Camp - Jan-Feb?
    • Early bird registration ($5 discount/person) by Jan 6
    • Saturdays: Jan 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11 - 9AM-4PM - Pack selected January 28th (Feb 4 is derby)
    • $10 under 5, $25 age 5-17, $15 over 17
    • Hot lunch provided in heated pavilion as well as smore and hot cocoa.
    • Expanded Webelos activities (snowshoeing to separate area for additional activities)
    • Pack will pay for 1/2 of leader's camp cost

  • Pinewood Derby - Feb 3-4
    • Derby Car w/rules distributed by den
    • Pinewood Derby Rules - changes? - Jim
    • Intro/Info Session for new scouts? Use of tools? - Jim
    • Movie Friday Night or earlier - Down & Derby, Cars, Cars 2? - yes - Cars 2 - Rachel will provide DVD

  • Volunteer Opportunity
    • Pine Island Area Home Services (non-profit working to keep senior citizens in their home and out of the nursing home) could use a few volunteers from time to time. This could be anything from raking a yard or painting or visiting.
    • Let Rosemary Van Houten, director, know who to contact when she needs bodies. Her email address is
      • Den's looking for community service should contact Rosemary with availability

  • Staffing
    • Trailer Location - Scott would like to transfer
    • Need to start training in replacements (Treasurer - Megan, Award Coordinator - TBD, Cubmaster - Nick)
      • Ryan was going to check with wife about Award Coordinator position
    • Training at Rochester was postponed, hopefully within next month
    • Chris to update new leaders as Gamehaven signer
    • Continue to use ScoutManage? Look at other sites?

  • Scout Discounts
    • Monster Truck Show - Dec/Jan
    • Rodeo - Feb 3 (Pinewood Derby check-in day)

NOTE: This was shortest meeting for long, long time! Completed within 1 hour!

Future Pack Activities

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