Committee Meeting on Monday, Dec 12th, 2011

Attendance: Rachel, Megan, Dan, Eric, Chris, April, Jim, Nick

Started: 6:05PM, Closed: 7:15PM

Treasurer's Report

  • Bank recommended we remove Treasurer Report from public web page

  • Major transactions: Popcorn & Prizes, Goldrush, Awards
  • April made motion to accept Goldrush donation to pack account, 2nd by Dan - Approved
  • April made motion to allocate $150 to Tiger Den account, 2nd by Dan - Approved
  • Eric to meet with Megan in January to begin Treasurer transfer
  • Popcorn credits mostly correct. Eric to get ScoutManage? credits updated
  • Nick/Eric to follow up with Gamehaven on online sales for Collin (wolf) - no credits until resolved
  • Pack will not be paying leader fees for Polar Cubs. (Pack only pay's 1/2 of summer camp cost - no shirt)

FAQ about credits and other general knowledge for new leaders - Current Officers

Old Business

  • Bounced Check Status: Payments received yet? What process to deposit?
    • Jim - no check yet but will he look into it
    • Since meeting, Jim has received first $75 check and will get it deposited
  • Twins Shirts - only 4 sold of XXX ($10/each)
  • Dan - Missing 4 Binders for Webelos II/Arrow Of Light?
  • Support Our Troops
    • Nice to have help with coordination and we help them. Nick will be primary contact
  • November Pack Meeting
    • Popcorn Money Collection / Prize Distribution
    • Bobcat / Rank advancement - ceremony?
      • Nick to follow up on adding ceremony to spice up Bobcat/Rank awards
  • Popcorn Sales Discussion
    • good / bad / ugly
    • other suggestions / recommendations
    • graduated credits? (5% for < $200, 10% for $200-$500, 15% for over $500 or some other limits)
    • minimum sales level to earn prizes?
    • TABLED due to limited time...
    • Nick has $600 sales shooters and will distribute through den leaders
  • Church projector behind 2 locks - probably not able to use for Pack Meetings...

New Business

  • Display Cabinet clean/update - December/January: Webelos I

  • Rechartering - due by 1/15/2012
    • Need to confirm all scout addresses / Boys Life subscription
    • Required Positions:
      • Charter Rep: Paul Perry
      • Cubmaster: Nick Goranson
      • Committee Chairman: Chris Cain
      • Committee Member #1: TBD - potential candidates: Megan & Rachel
      • Committee Member #2: TBD
    • Chris to email pack about $15 registration fee due in January. All scouts must pay (can come out of credit account)
    • Den Leaders to confirm scout contact info and Boy's Life Subscriptions and return sheet to Chris at Jan 9 meeting

  • Polar Camp - January 28th
    • Currently have 8 scouts signed up (7 adults)
    • Early bird registration ($5 discount/person) by Jan 6
    • $10 under 5, $25 age 5-17, $15 over 17
    • Alternate Saturdays: Jan 14, 21, Feb 4 (Derby), 11 - 9AM-4PM
    • Hot lunch provided in heated pavilion as well as smore and hot cocoa.
    • Expanded Webelos activities (snowshoeing to separate area for additional activities)
    • Discussion/vote of pack paying for 1/2 of leader's camp cost
    • Chris to email pack with reminder and cost/roster
    • Chris will submit PAID early registration to Gamehaven on Jan 5

  • Pinewood Derby - Feb 3-4
    • Derby Car w/rules distributed by den
    • Pinewood Derby Rules
    • Intro/Info Session for new scouts? Use of tools? - Jim
    • Projector / Speaker - Scott - Is projector available?
    • DVD Player - Chris
    • Tools - Cordless Drills (2), drill bits
    • Whiteboard (scoreboard) - Chris to contact Eatons
    • Judges - Chris to contact Jeansons
    • Labels for scoreboard (per scout) - Dan/Eric to contact Dean K
    • Supplies from trailer (scale, weights, ropes/posts, pledge)
    • April to contact Mike about last year's trophies
    • April to handle awards (medals for 5 dens, tiger ribbons, trophies)
    • Dan to check on additional weights (sinkers, etc...)
    • Chris will be storing trailer, so will have all items from trailer
    • Jim to be car table monitor
    • Keeping same schedule as last year

FRIDAY 6:00PM - 8:30PM (Leaders report at 5:30):
5:30PM - Setup
    • Setup check-in / weigh station / tools
    • Setup / Clean Track
6:00-7:00PM - Weigh-in and Check-in cars (ALL CARS MUST BE CHECKED IN AND LEFT OVERNIGHT)
    • Assist scouts with weights
    • NO CARS ON THE TRACK (except by leader to confirm clearance)
6:30PM Cars 2 Movie (1:46 duration) - DVD from Rachel
8:30 Go Home!
SATURDAY 9:00AM - 12:00PM:
8:30-9AM - Judging for Creative Design / Best Construction awards
8:55AM Picture of Scouts/Track
9:00AM Flag Ceremony / Announcements
    • Rank Advancement Awards
    • Tigers Race (8 lanes)
    • Tiger Ribbons
    • Design / Construction Awards
    • Wolf Race (placement awards follow each race - Blue 1st, Red 2nd, White 3rd)
    • Bear Race
    • Webelos I Race
    • Webelos II Race
    • Leader Race
    • Final Race (Top 3 cars for each den: Wolf thru Webelos II)

  • Scout Sunday - Feb 5

  • Blue & Gold Banquet - Sunday, Feb 26
    • Webelos II Plan
    • Budget
    • Ceremony
    • Webelos II in charge of planning banquet/Arrow of Light

  • Staffing
    • Trailer Location - Scott would like to transfer
    • Chris will have the trailer at his home
    • Need to start training in replacements (Treasurer - Megan, Award Coordinator - Ryan's wife?/others?, Cubmaster - Nick)
    • Training at Rochester was postponed, hopefully within next month
    • Chris to update new leaders as Gamehaven signer (part of re-chartering)
    • Continue to use ScoutManage? Look at other sites?

  • Scout Discounts
    • Monster Truck Show - Dec/Jan
    • Rodeo - Feb 3 (Pinewood Derby check-in day)

  • Volunteer Opportunity
    • Pine Island Area Home Services (non-profit working to keep senior citizens in their home and out of the nursing home) could use a few volunteers from time to time. This could be anything from raking a yard or painting or visiting.
    • Let Rosemary Van Houten, director, know who to contact when she needs bodies. Her email address is
      • Den's looking for community service should contact Rosemary with availability

Future Pack Activities

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